JediMUD Builder's Guide

As of May 10th JediMUD has a new area submission policy. The policy is quite simple and can be summarized in two

Area Writing Application for JediMUD

Real-life name:

E-mail address:

Character on the mud (please limit this to one, to lessen the confusion):

Is this an original zone or a revision of an existing zone? If a revision, is the area public?

Write a brief (100 word) description of your zone, including the theme/time period and/or setting.

How many rooms do you expect to use?

Would you define your zone as low (1-10) mid (11-15) high (16-25) or very high

Please describe five of your major mobs, five items (including stats), and send ten sample rooms.

If your concept is approved and registered, what is your estimated completion date?

When we are confident you have your idea fleshed out enough to begin building, he will assign you a zone to work
within. JediMUD does not have Online Creation, so you will have to work offline with a text editor such as vi or pico. Here are some tips for area writing:

Building Documentation

When you write a zone for JediMUD, you will need to break it into four parts. A mob file, an obj file, a wld file and a zon file.



World File

Zone File

Shop File